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Invisalign Birmingham UK

Celine Brampton

I was so conscious about braces so I went for Invisalign. It was a reassuring process. Happy with Invisalign treatments

orthodontic treatment review

Erick Frederick

I’ve had issues with my teeth for years. The private orthodontist at DTC was so understanding and gave great advice.

Chan Wufu

Really calmed my nerves. Great people to have looking at your teeth

Shantelle Clover

I was so scared to smile at people before having treatment. Love the care and support.

Grace Lexington

I pestered my Dad for years for me to get braces to straighten my teeth. But he did not take me seriously. As I have got older I have decided to go for it anyway. Dental Treatment Central were so supportive.

Elaine Hanover

Smoking did not do my teeth too much good. Teeth whitening treatments at DTC have given me the confidence to smile so much more.